Childhood Play School has an excellent way of imparting education such that it results in an all round development of each child. I hope the school will scale new heights in future.

Mr. Ajit & Ms. Bharti Khojare, Parents of Mohit

The curriculum of the school is very good which leads to the overall development of a child, personal attention is given to every child.

Mr. Manish & Ms. Preeti Gupta, Parents of Sunishka

The approach is very rare, caring and teaching is very supportive and innovative. The staff is very good and caring all the time.

Mr. Dhananjay & Ms. Ashwini Gokhale, Parents of Amit

As seed gives us various types of flowers and fruits similarly Childhood Play School gives not only education but also culture to the children.

Mr. Mangesh & Ms. Sayali Mene, Parents of Aarohi

My daughter loves studying in Childhood Play School. The teachers and all students are very friendly, it is like her second home. I request the Principal to extend the classes up to 4th std.

Mr. Nayan & Ms. Soniya Patwa, Parents of Rajeshwari

My child enjoys going to school every day. Improvement is seen in his activities and study part. Teaching staff is good, clean and healthy environment, affordable fees structure.

Mr. Surendra & Ms. Nilima Taywade, Parents of Harsh

I like Childhood Play School for my baby as the way of explaining to child is very good, student understands very clearly. The staff is very cooperative.

Mr. Jitendra & Ms. Shrutika Munot, Parents of Teerth

There has been improvement in my daughter’s overall personality, we feel that personal attention is been given to her and everybody.

Mr. Chandraneel & Ms. Kkumod Parab, Parents of Aarya

Learning pattern is very good, environment for children education is also good.

Mr. Sadashiv & Gauri Katare, Parents of Varad

Good study atmosphere, with excellent teachers and caring staff, also encouragement through extra activities is best. Overall a complete study package.

Mr. Sandesh & Ms. Niketa Pahilwan, Parents of Sain

Childhood Play School is a school where the teachers are well qualified. Not only they work smart, they are loving, caring and dedicated too.

Mr. Atul & Ms. Sandhya Mene, Parents of Nishit

Childhood Play School is best play school for the overall development of child for getting admission to primary school.

Mr. Prasanna & Ms. Shital Bidve, Parents of Parth

Childhood Play School is one of the finest and most caring school in the city. Teachers having clear inclination about child’s skill development and excellent motivation to enhance their confidence and strength.

Mr. Sagar & Ms. Sapna Choudhari, Parents of Krishna

My children got adjusted in Childhood Play School very soon. They recite rhymes full day at home. Festivals are celebrated and enjoyed by the children at school.

Mr. Kamlesh & Ms. Shakuntala Pokar, Parents of Yash & Bhagya

Syllabus designed at Childhood Play School is up to the mark, teaching staff is with good competence level.

Mr. Sminilkumar & Ms. Reshma Bakale, Parents of Ratnesh

Childhood Play School is one of the best school in city. Through creative activity children enjoy learning. Festival celebrations are maintaining Indian culture, different competitions and sports activities are keeping the students charming.

Mr. Manoj & Ms. Vrushali Dhat, Parents of Yash

At Childhood Play School, teachers are doing good job. My child understands what he has been taught and tells every day what he did at school.

Mr. Milind & Ms. Mohini Mahajan, Parents of Chinmay

We are happy about the school environment (neatness and cleanliness). The school is very well organised and the teachers are professional in their approach. The school has taken utmost care for child safety and security.

Mr. Deepak & Ms. Neeta Pokar, Parents of Aum

I am proud to be associated with Childhood Play School, my two & a half years daughter has learned so many good manners in very less time, she loves to go to school every day.

Mr. Sachin & Ms. Rakhi Gothi, Parents of Ayushi

My son love to go to school, he is very comfortable with the teachers and staff. Thanks to the caring teachers and staff of Childhood Play School.

Mr. Sandeep & Ms. Swati Gavane, Parents of Siddhant

I like Childhood Play School very much because the method of teaching is quite different and good from other. As a teacher I can understand the difference.

Mr. Yogesh &Ms. Deepali Rapatwar, Parents of Samarrthya

My child, learning in Nursery class, loves and enjoys the school. Method of teaching and extra-curricular activities makes her eager and crazy to do different things.

Mr. Damodhar & Ms. Pratibha Sonawane, Parents of Vinayak

My daughter love to go to school. In vacations or holidays, she miss her school a lot. The various activities at school keep her excited.

Mr. Rohit & Ms. Sarika Banait, Parents of Lavika

The best foundation you will get at Childhood Play School. Standard education with standard infrastructure. School provides good environment for children.

Mr. Mukesh & Ms. Ruby Jain, Parents of Aryan

Childhood Play School has an excellent team. As a parent I am glad that I have put my son in Childhood.

Mr. Avinash & Ms. Surekha Jadhav, Parents of Shaurya

My daughter has recently completed her life’s first six months of schooling. She was a very shy and a quiet child until she started attending Childhood Play School.

Mr. Jagdish & Ms. Maya Danthole, Parents of Vainavi

My daughter has been adjusted in the school and is ready to spend 4 to 5 hours in the school. For us it is a big achievement.

Mr. Sachin & Ms. Manisha Khot, Parents of Janvhi

My daughter does not cry when she goes to school. She likes to spend much time in school.

Mr. Ganesh & Ms. Swarupa Sarkalwad, Parents of Falguni

Infrastructure of the school is great. The staff is pleasant. Teachers communicate well and show enthusiasm, friendliness towards children. My daughter loves her school and teachers.

Mr. Pankaj & Ms. Payal Jaiswal, Parents of Swikruti

My daughter is happy and excited about going to school every morning. She loves the playground.

Mr. Nimesh & Ms. Varsha Palwe, Parents of Rushika

The school premises and infrastructure is well planned for the children. The school is clean, hygienic, and disciplined. Teachers and staff are very friendly with the children.

Mr. Vyanktesh & Ms. Samruddhi Dhote, Parents of Sanay & Saras

I am very happy to see all the creative activities my daughter did over the last few months in Childhood Play School.

Mr. Rahul & Ms. Rupa, Parents of Soumya

I am very satisfied with the school, my child is very comfortable in the school. I am very happy about it, he is learning all new things.

Mr. Sujit & Ms. Amrutha Nair, Parents of Rishi

My daughter has become more friendly to people, she has started mixing up. I like the way all teachers integrated with the children.

Mr. Kiran & Ms. Kalpana Salunke, Parents of Anannya

I am satisfied with the teachers and the environment in the school. My children have actually become much more interactive than before and most important they enjoy attending school.

Mr. Rameshwar & Ms. Sarita Meghawale, Parents of Durgesh & Tanusagar

My child has improved a lot. He has become more talkative, more active and makes friends easily. The major change is related to his eating habits.

Mr. Vishal & Ms. Sonal Ladniya, Parents of Soham

On the very first day of her school my child started telling her school’s name “Childhood” which is really remarkable.

Mr. Aniket & Ms. Arpita Ninave, Parents of Shravni